January 18

Our clients love large canvases to display images from their beautiful wedding day. I’m often asked how we manage to arrange our wall displays so neatly. This month we did a little redecorating at Modern Wedding Photography and I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you how we get it done. Included below are some photos of the process.

Supplies needed:
-White Artist Tape (available at art supply stores)
-Kraft paper
-Tape measure
-Pencil and Scissors
-A level
-Our canvases come with “Saw Tooth” hanger.
-“OOK” One Step Hangers (brand name) -It’s a fancy nail. Most hardware stores have them. We give them to you with your canvas.
-White artist tape to tack the Kraft paper to the wall. Most art stores have white artist tape. It will not pull the paint off the wall. We had just painted the wall the day before and I did not want it marred by tape. You should be careful with any freshly painted wall.

Mounting Instructions
1- Measure the wall you want to work with. Come to us with your measurements and we can design the perfect display for you.
2- We use Kraft paper to make a template of the canvas. We lay the canvas down on the Kraft paper, trace with a pencil and then cut the Kraft paper template. We also mark where the saw tooth hanger is on the canvas onto the Kraft paper. We just place the Kraft paper on the back of the canvas and marked where the saw tooth hanger is with the pencil.
3-Tear and roll pieces of the white tape onto the back of the Kraft paper template, (homemade double stick tape). Do not use real double stick tape! It will be too sticky and can mare the wall. If you are doing this on a wallpapered wall and not a painted wall I would try Fun Tack. Test it first. You do not want to damage the wall paper.
4- Hang and adjust your paper template where you would like it on the wall.
5-Once you are happy with the placement hammer the OOK one step hanger into the wall. We do it right over the Kraft paper. We hang the canvas to see if we like the placement. When we are happy with the position we remove the canvas and slip out the Kraft paper. Then just re-hang the canvas. Use the level to make sure it is straight.
6-If we are hanging more than one canvas; we will just place the Kraft paper that is the same size of the canvas we are hanging in the next spot.

Denise Chastain

Denise Chastain

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