Denise!!!!! I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures came out absolutely beautiful. You have no idea how much I appreciate the the whole experience. Thank you again, Ravit and David

Having a five pound camera slam you in the face as you plunge 85 feet at 60 mph is painful, (I’ve tried it in the past). So with this wisdom, I took the coaster photos of Ravit and David with a charming plastic film camera that is lighter than an iPhone. I’ve mastered the art of not holding on while riding ANY coaster a long time ago.  So it was a pure delight on that steamy July afternoon to create some exciting images of my clients holding on for dear life. They kept telling me when the drops were approaching, “Denise look out”.  When we exited the Cyclone I almost said, “Oh let’s look at the photos.” Then I got a good look at the back of that 20th century plastic camera and realized I would have to wait several hours until I would see anything. I was ready for another spin. It was a total rush shooting and riding the Cyclone,(combining two of my favorite things to do). If I had some La Maison Du Chocolat truffles in my mouth it would have hit the trifecta.  As my luck would have it, they were completely satisfied with their two minute ride and were confident that I got some wonderful images.
The other images were taken on the beach, around the park and of-coarse on the Wonder Wheel. With those images I used my Canon 5D Mark III and we had plenty of instant gratification. My assistant and I had such a wonderful time photographing Ravit and David. They were so natural in front of the camera. I always like to show the great friendship my couples share. Hopefully you can see that friendship in these images and be inspired by their love for each other. I’ll be posting their wedding images next on the blog, but I had to post their engagement shoot first :)- Denise-Owner/Founder Modern Wedding Photography


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