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Not all florists are the same. If you need a great florist check out the blog post for some wonderful advice by Marion, own of Bayview Florist Wedding Studio.

Marion: You’ve just gotten engaged.  Now the fun begins! Planning a wedding, whew!  There are a lot of details to cover and one of them is flowers. Are flowers important?  Flowers will most likely be included in every minute of your day. Starting with the bouquets the girls will carry, to the ceremony space where you take your vows, to the ballroom where you celebrate. Let’s look at each category, personal, ceremony and reception and see what should be taken into account. How do you choose your bouquet flowers?  Before you meet with your florist, determine your style.  Are you vintage, formal or Modern? Your bridesmaid’s dress color will play an important role in deciding what colors and flower choices will be used throughout the wedding.

Long Island Florist, Photos from The Garden City Hotel and Cherry Valley Country Club

Long Island Florist, Photos from The Garden City Hotel and Cherry Valley Country Club- Lauren and Curtis’s fantastic wedding day!

I pick wedding bouquets the same way I would pick a piece of jewelry for a great outfit.  They should accent what you’re wearing, not overpower it or be the focus. Your bouquet will be your most photographed accessory making it the most important one!  I like to infuse meaning to my bride’s bouquets with a piece of lace from mom’s dress or photo lockets of grandparents.

The men’s boutonnieres will correlate with the girl’s bouquets. Keep in mind, boutonnieres can really take a beating throughout the day! Unlike the bouquets, they are compressed time and time again with hearty hello hugs and are really put through the ringer!  You many want to consider an extra for the groom so that it looks fresh for the reception. Pocket squares are hugely popular right now.  If the men have a great pocket square and it’s a bold color, I would skip the boutonniere.  If it’s a subdued color, steel grey or black, you can still consider a flower but it’s not necessary.  Again, we don’t want to overdue, we want to accent.  You can have lots of great ideas, the trick is to understand that they may not all work together.

Modern Wedding Photography

The owl pin gives a wonderful personal touch. Groom’s Boutonniere-Cherry Valley Country Club- Garden City Wedding

You may have heard you should use flowers that are local and in season. If you’re using a trained florist, they will automatically direct you toward blooms that are in season without you having to ask.  We want to work with seasonal flowers as they are the fullest and lushest at their peak.

Tip: make an appointment with your florist one year ahead in the month you’re getting married so you can see what’s in season.

Choosing flowers for the ceremony should depend on where your ceremony is.  Will it be in a formal church, an outdoor vineyard, the same venue as the reception, do you require a chuppah? Different surroundings call for different embellishments.  Is your ceremony outdoors? What’s plan B if it rains?  A good florist will make sure you’re covered for all weather conditions. The ceremony may be the briefest part of your day but it is the most important. It will be remembered in your photographs forever. Make the space your own; add your colors through flowers.

Saint Raymonds of Penafort-East Rockaway NY

Saint Raymonds of Penafort-East Rockaway NY- From Meghan and Paul’s wonderful wedding!

Tip: Have your ceremony flowers moved to your ballroom.  This way they work for you all night!

The ballroom is the place where your personality and originality can really shine.  All eyes will be on the centerpieces so make them the focus of your bloom budget.  What feeling do you want to convey?  Classic elegance, vintage chic, polished contemporary?  The venue will have a lot to do with what style choices you make.  Your flowers need to belong to your space.  Water venues tend to be a bit less formal than mansions and hotels. That’s not to say that crystal chandeliers don’t belong in a barn.  The juxtaposition of the two can be amazing.  A trusted florist will be able to help you pull together your ideas into a cohesive visual concept that reflects your style and personality.

Long Island Florists

Table setting with flowers from an aerial view.

Tip: Start collecting photos to give your floral expert a window into what textures and concepts appeal to you.  Pinterest is a great place to start.

Most importantly, don’t worry about what everyone else will think! This is your wedding, let’s plan it the way you want it.  Bayview Florist is a boutique wedding studio with locations in Nassau and Suffolk.  Being a smaller company has its advantages.  It allows me the time to form a relationship with my brides, truly understanding their vision and bringing it to fruition.  I meet with my brides, hand select the blooms we will use for the wedding day and make sure all the smallest details are carried out.  We have 54 years’ experience and strive for inspired, creative designs that are unique to you. I have enjoyed working with every one of my brides and I look forward to working with you!

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