July 28

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If you have a chance, pick up the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of The Knot Magazine. It has plenty of wonderful wedding ideas and my Clients Roanna & Michael are on page 38! It’s exciting when we can get our clients images in the press. I always tell clients, “if you want to get your wedding photographs into the magazines try to focus on all the details for your wedding day”. The magazines are always looking to share new ideas with their readers.

This issue also has an article that starts on page 229 about picking your priorities. What you should save on and what you should splurge on. I’m happy to report on page 234 of the article advices it’s a good idea to splurge on photography!

Roanna & Mike in the Knot for web upload.jpg

Denise Chastain

Denise Chastain

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