August 05

Long Island Wedding Photographers-Modern Wedding Photography-The Bourne Mansion

I love these photos from Shannon & Michael’s wedding. It was raining when we took most of the outdoor shots and you can hardly tell.  Everyone had such a great attitude! Enjoy the blog show! Double click any of the images to see the blog show in full screen.

Denise Chastain

Denise Chastain

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Denise Chastain

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    that’s my girl, Shannon. Nothing was going to rain on her parade and certainly nothing was going to ruin the day !!!

  • modwedphoto

    That’s right and what a perfect day it was!!!!!!

  • LOVE IT!!!! see what i told you.. rain or shine a beautiful bride… you are the real cinderella!!!oxoxo

  • We had a wonderful time and Shannon looked just beautiful! I want to see more pictures!