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June 28

You throw her a shower anyway and make sure it’s amazing! We high jacked The Stampfel Movies Malverne Quad theatre a couple of weeks ago and threw Janira, (the bride to be), a surprise shower. I told her she was going to a focus group and would make $400 in two hours. How else do you get someone to the theatre at 9:15 AM in the morning? The bathroom shower never fails to give me great ideas. It’s like a magical waterfall of inspiration. If you ever decide to rent the Malverne you can only rent it out in the morning. Renting a movie theatre presents many challenges. Every room slopes somewhere. You have to prop up tables and watch where you put the chairs. Balloons are not permitted in the actual theatre as well. Why the movies some have asked? My dear friend Janira loves the movies like no one else I know. Opening gifts can be stressful for the guest of honor and not always the most exciting activity for the other guests. I figure if we could make this as fun as possible to take that edge off. Setting the mood was crucial. I created seven movie posters of Janira using old and current photos. I have been photographing Janira for many years so my archive is deep. The night before my husband Rob and I ran over to the Malverne at 11:00 PM to hang the posters. It was hysterical, when the patrons were leaving their respective theatres they started talking about the posters. “Who is Janira Campos”? “Why does she have so many movies released at once”? “I’ve never heard of her before”. I let chatter go on for a little while. To say it was amusing was an understatement. I finally filled them in on what we were doing. I’ve never heard men say they wish they were invited it a bridal shower before and I’m guessing I may never hear that statement again. Saturday morning finally arrived and we gorilla decorated the theatre. Janira arrived at 9:20 AM and was completely overwhelmed by the 6 movie posters of her hanging in the theatre lobby, (it was like watching Lot’s wife turn to stone). She caught on to what was happening and the party took off. We ate breakfast in the concession area and then moved to theatre 2 for the photo montage of Janira. She also opened her gifts in the theatre in between various songs and skits that some guests generously performed. Even though I was working hard to ensure the party went smoothly, I managed to get some photos. I hope you can get a sense of the party from these images. A special thank you to Henry & Anne Stampfel, owners of the theatre. They and their staff were instrumental in our events success. Thank you the bridesmaids and Janira’s sister in-law Lilian for your help in putting this day together. Now I just have to finish my MOH speech……….
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