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It’s hard to believe this was just a week and a half ago? The fall leaves were at their peak and it was 60 degrees. Caitlin and I had many wonderful conversations over the phone and this was our first meeting in person. I finally got to meet her fiance and Mom as well. By the end of the afternoon we were old friends. Caitlin and Chris, I can’t wait for the big day!

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July 12

Our one hour afternoon shoot easily turned into a four hour shoot. Krista and Jason were a pure pleasure to photograph. Your shoot to be fun. I want you to feel special and celebrated. Krista and Jason had such a great time during their shoot. Being photographed is an experience unlike any other. I was so touched to receive this beautiful E-mail from my client the day after. I can’t wait for the big day as well!

As special thank you goes out to Michael at the Chelsea Mansion for all of his help.

Hi Denise, I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday! We had such a blast!! (I'm kinda upset it is over but we have the wedding to look forward to). You were so amazing to work with and I absolutely love your attention to detail. I am so happy Lisa referred us to you, I couldn't imagine having a better photographer! Your assistant was so lovely, and such a huge help as well. You both made the day so pleasant. Jason and I can't wait to come see the pictures, I'm sure there are a bunch of great ones! Thanks again, talk to you soon! Krista

Lisa Marie is Krista and Jason’s wedding planner.  L.Marie Events is her company. Visit her site and learn how she can help you plan the best wedding ever!

April 28

Modern Wedding Photography-Interactive Guest Book

Engagement sessions are such a great opportunity to let loose and have fun in front of the camera. Once you have all those great photos what will you do with them? You can create save the date cards and/or we can design an interactive guest book for your wedding day. The new interactive guest book features photos from your shoot as well as questions for your guests to answer about you. Some examples are, “Where do you see us in 10 years? What would be a fun date night? When could you tell we were first in love?” The questions along with yours guest’s thoughts makes this guest book a priceless keepsake from your wedding day. Call 516-823-7315 if you would like one for your wedding day.

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