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January 31

A huge thank you goes out to The Knot for selecting us as a “Best of Weddings Pick 2012”. The first time we received this award was in 2008. The Knot is such an asset to couples planning their wedding day. This latest Best of Weddings Pick honor makes it five years in a row for Modern Wedding Photography. I also want to thank all of our wonderful clients for your kindness and support. I love that there is a group of couples out there that want honest images of how their wedding day unfolded. I first signed on with The Knot in May of 2001. Denis Reggie was endorsing the virtues of The Knot site at the time. If you don’t know who Denis Reggie is, he is the father of Wedding Photojournalism for the past thirty years now. I’ve always admired his beautiful spontaneous images. As photographers, we owe a lot to him. It’s funny how some people think that wedding photojournalism is a fad. Capturing life as it unfolds, harnessing ones tears and laughter into one photograph, to last for generations to come, can never be a fad. As people, we are fluid and are constantly moving. If a photograph can honestly capture you in one moment and at the same time tells a story, that is quite an extraordinary feat.
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