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I’ve been a fan of Michelle’s for a while now and we finally got to meet at Wedding Crashers. I love that her business is so focused on helping her clients personality shine through on their wedding day. I crave all that is true and authentic, in life and in my photography. That is what I love about the bespoke touches that Michelle brings to her clients precious day. I was so excited when she agreed to write a guest blog post for the Modern Wedding Photography blog. Thank you Michelle! Read her post below.

The Top Five Reasons for Hiring a Wedding Designer

“I’m Michelle Edgemont and I own a wedding design and floral company based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m hired by couples to make their personalities shine on their wedding day, through how the wedding looks and how it feels. I create a design board, color palette, and custom decor to create a party that the couple loves and is a reflection of who they are, all with a modern, colorful spin. I’m here to share with you my personal top five reasons why I think you should hire a wedding designer to bring the artistic flair to your day.”

1. You are overwhelmed by Pinterest/wedding blogs/wedding magazines/your mother-in-law’s sense of style.

“Either your Wedding Decor board has a gazillion pins on it or you just don’t have the time for Pinterest. When clients hire me, I help them sort it all out and create a cohesive Design Board that tells a story. I’ll learn all about you and your fiance – your likes, dislikes, favorite foods, favorite outfit, how you decorate your apartment – and I’ll use that information to pull inspiration images.  I’ll talk you down off the mason jar ledge. Did you care about mason jars before you started looking at wedding blogs? If not, then maybe you shouldn’t have them at your wedding? Your wedding decor is best when it’s a reflection of what you and your spouse-to-be personally love, not what is trendy on the plethora of wedding sites.  A custom color palette will be designed to go with your personalized Design Board. So when you are faced with the decision on what color table linens to choose, you’ll pick a color from the palette, and you’re done. See, that was easy.”

2. You love crafts.

“Making a ton of rad decorations for your wedding? Awesome! Now you’ll need someone to see your vision and set it all up for you.  At Michelle Edgemont, we do all of that. I’ll take all of those amazing decorations, favors, place cards, etc., that you’ve been working on for months, fill in the gaps with some custom decor and florals that I’ve designed just for you, and work by butt off on your wedding day to set it all up exactly how you have envisioned it.”

3. You want your wedding to have the personalized, DIY touch, but don’t know how to use a glue gun and could care less about spending a whole day tying ribbons onto programs? Hire a wedding designer to design and craft custom decor items for your wedding day.

“Based on the Design Board and color palette that I’ve created for you, I’ll design artistic decorations and florals that seamlessly tell your story. Want a 1970’s dance themed wedding with Lite Brites and vintage records? Let’s do it. How about a black and white stripe theme with tons of gold sequins and candlelight? I’ll make it happen for you. All of your decor will have that special, crafty touch, but without you getting glue gun burns!”

4. You want those photographs you see on wedding blogs of personalized details.

“Consider hiring a wedding designer to be sure that your photographer has all of the details to photograph. For example, I’ll style your wedding invitation for your photographer to capture a pretty photo. I’ll add props, decor, and a backdrop to your dessert spread to make it pop in the reception venue. If detail shots are very important to you, having a wedding designer there on the day-of to style each one will be well worth the money.”

5. You crave a level headed friend with good taste and a strong design sense to bounce ideas off of.

“Getting married is stressful. There are many cooks in the kitchen all with their own opinions on every tiny detail. What you envision, what your fiance  envisions, your best friend’s thoughts, your mother’s ideas, and your mother-in-law’s opinions could all be drastically different. You need someone who will give you no-nonsense advice on decoration decisions. A wedding designer is that person. I’m here to send 2 AM emails to when you are awake with anxiety over what color sash the bridesmaids should wear. I’m the person who can calmly explain to your mother that you and your fiance prefer neon green tablecloths to traditional ivory and why.   I can give reasons why the extra $500 on candles will dramatically increase the romantic feeling of your reception that you crave and give your photographer a bit more light to get those beautiful images you are paying them for. I’ll tell you that if handcrafted favors don’t fit into your budget, it’s fine. No one will notice.  You and your new spouse will dance the night away surrounded by decorations and flowers that make you feel like you – happy, having fun, and 110% custom designed just for your wedding.”

What are you waiting for? Give Michelle a call! She wants to share her creative savvy with you! 

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Visit Michelle’s website to be totally inspired



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