Hire the photographer whose work and personality you love. My best clients are the ones who trust me as a person and an artist.”

It is a big question, but I will try to answer.

Wedding photography is an investment. At least that is how the couples who hire me, Denise Chastain of Modern Wedding Photography to photograph their wedding day see it. I use the word investment, with conviction. An investment is something that grows in value over time. Once the wedding is over, your images become priceless, something to be cherished for generations to come. Even though I am running a business, I do not view working with you as just a business transaction. Working with each other is hopefully a fun experience that can last two years or a lifetime, (with some of my clients). Think about it. You hire your photographer a year before the wedding. Then there are the pre-wedding calls and E-mails. You spend the whole wedding day together. Before you know it, your wedding photographs are ready and it’s time for your In-Studio Preview. After that, there is the time we spend together working on your wedding album. I take on a limited amount of weddings each year and spend about a total of 50 hours working on each wedding from start to finish. I want to give my clients all the attention and hand holding they may need during this overwhelming experience of planning a wedding. So I know how important it is for our personalities, sensibilities, and values to be a perfect match. This is why I always like to talk to you over the phone before our first meeting. It’s like dating. You might want to talk to someone over the phone once before your first date.

I’ve been shooting professionally for over 20 years. With those 20 years comes a deep skill set. I have photographed major advertising campaigns, notable figures and the weddings of many who are influencers in the media world, (photo editors and creative directors). You can visit my About page for the full story. When you compare photographers it can be maddening. Do all the various studios photographs look the same? Does anyone’s work stand out or speak to you? Is their work derivative? Look into what their achievements are. Find out why they shoot weddings?

Capturing all the fun and joy this once in a lifetime event brings is an honor for me as your photographer. I believe weddings are a great celebration. As much as I want you to have the time of your life on your wedding day, I do view my task of photographing your wedding as a great responsibility. I want you to have an amazing day and forget about the camera. Hire the photographer whose work and personality you love. My best clients are the ones who trust me as a person and an artist. Try to let go of any preconceived notions of what wedding photographs should look like. I hope you want to be surprised and delighted when you see the images from your wedding day. Your photographs should be an honest interpretation of this significant event. Coverage starts at $4495 and up. Please call 212-332-9695 or E-mail denise@modwedphoto.com for full collection information. I want to hear all about your wedding day plans!

Denise Chastain

Denise Chastain

Photographer- Owner/Founder at Modern Wedding Photography
You'll be too busy having fun to know we were even there...
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